No water means no dishes and no laundries

I thought that the water supply would be enough for us 3, especially as we didn't do laundry at home since Monday last week and we only bathed and used the toilet at night. No cooking too. We all just ate outside or order take aways but this morning there is virtually no water in my tank. I checked the water supply schedule and discovered that we should have water on Wednesday and Friday but... none. 

Luckily we had about a pail of water between me and my husband while I asked my son's baby sitter to bathe him this morning. Sighhh. If there is no water this weekend, how do we survive then? Bathe and do all our deeds at the office? 

I bathed a bit and brushed my teeth this morning because I work in an air conditioned office so I guess body odour won't be a problem. I planned to take a bath during lunch hour but this MH370 report kept me occupied and I think I'll take a bath in a bit later. Haha I smell ok in air cond so far, since no one said anything.

We dined at Old Town a few nights ago. I ordered roti canai (wheat bread which is hand tossed and ten fried on a flat pan) with honey+lemon juice. The waiter served them in plastic containers and presented to us while saying "no water so we brought it in these'.

So no water means more disposable containers being used. Heck, I also didn't wash my dishes for two days so far but I made sure there's no water in the bowls and cups. There's the threat of dengue fever these days. 

Two nights ago my husband ate a cup of instant noodles. I asked him, why he did not eat the ones in the packets. He said "no need to wash dishes ma."

Ok. That sounds logic for now.