Happy Mommy Day

Happy mothers day to all moms, those who mom people around them and those who will one day become a mom, biological or not. 

You are the one who comes in the rain when the one you care for forgets them. You cook and buy food, making sure no one goes hungry and then make them fat and chubby. You worry when people don't eat enough and you make sure only the best for your babies. 

You watch over your child / children and take hundreds of mental pictures of them. Their life is yours to remember, every details seen or unseen is in your memory till alzheimer comes eating. Your power to reminisce and reflect on them is enough to warrant a lifetime of movie hours which will rival the Star Wars sixology.

Sometimes you spend too much doing things doing simple simple things the first time, things you have never done before. But these are things which will be a norm after you have become used to it later in life. 

Your first born becomes your first foray into motherhood and like me a first time mom, uses the cyber world to guide your day to day baby problems. You can't be bothering your mom each day with "mom what do i do when....?" 

You wonder each night what tomorrow will bring... but when tomorrow arrives you realize that you just have to take it by each day because you just don't know what will happen. What matters is that you are here for the moment. 

You reflect on your child's performance each day and the more you see things, the more you learn about yourself. You become their entertainer, their cook, their banker, their personal shopper and their umbrella. Each day and every day. 

You provide milk when there is none. And where moms may kill each other in words regarding infant feeding you soldier on, providing any shape of milk you can. You are a nurturer, the kind of milk you serve baby doesn't brand you as a certain kind of mother. You do your best to get that milk here, from your bosoms, goat or cow it doesn't matter.

You shouldn't be bored with your moms world they said.
You shouldn't think of motherhood as a race each day. 
You should be sure of your choices because moms knows best. 
There's no vacation for moms with small children of course.
There's no certain pay day for moms either. Not everyone gets a fixed allowance as a mom. Everyone just expects you to survive.
A mom should be full of love.
A mom who gets sick is a mom we don't want... but

Moms are only human. We are not perfect. But we tried and sometimes we fail. Sometimes we are sick and we soldier on. Most times we do whatever it takes to mom.

Even if we don't cook. Even if we work all day long. Even if we are deprived as long as baby is here and babies have a habit of staying around for 18 years.

We are moms. We want to do the best in what we do. We wake up and wear our invisible mom capes the moment we open our eyes. Sometimes we do it while peeping with a half eye open, just to roll that baby near so he / she can have his feed at 3 am. We are all moms in our shortcoming ways. We can hire a maid if we want but that does not mean that we are dividing our mommy love. We do what we have to survive.

So happy Mom's day to all moms here. No day offs but we are strong and stronger each day.


bungkilan said...

Happy mothers day to all moms out there. They are the most precious person for all children in the world.