Touristy mode

I am in a fantasy touristy mode. I can only fantasize for now because I am not physically comfortable to travel for long periods now. Some would say that travelling while pregnant is much more preferrable pre baby then post baby, and they even have a name for it these days, babymoon. But I think I will remain domestic and enjoy my short term getaways and plan for a longer one when baby is over a year old. By that time I can leave him or her at their grandma's with a comforting mind. Anyway, my first born will turn 3 years old when the baby is due in July. InsyaAllah.

Anyway I found new things to Google about. The foreground story is that I have a bunch of English cousins who lives mainly in Cornwall and around that area. My aunt who is my father's eldest sister married a British soldier over 40 years ago. The aunt & late uncle, along with their 3 sons and a daughter all lived there and the last time they came to Malaysia was around early 2003 after my grandmother died. And I have always wondered what they thought about Malaysia. For me who is born into a world of palm trees, beaches and sunshine I sometimes take for granted with the beauty of my land. I'm in awe of Bali, maybe because the climate there is colder than Malaysia but I am also in awe of Langkawi even with the hot hot hot climate.

Anyway, to keep my blab short let's see what do foreigners who lives on land/climate/culture so different from us thinks of us. Are we famous for our Malaysian hospitality? Well each to their own. Read on.

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