Pics from my April and May 2014.

Me and my son enjoying our breakfast at Summit USJ. His dad had an assignment there interviewing a robotic event so we tagged along. This was the first day it was announced that the water rationing will end. But the moment I realized that there was no water we went out. But Alhamdulillah water supply resumed when we got back home around noon.

Late lunch at Bagan Lalang. The three of us haven't gone anywhere for a long time so we went there for an impromptu outing. The food was so so. Next time we better pick a more delicious looking restaurant to make the hour journey more worthwhile. But that day I was more into enjoying our brief escapade.

Baby bump at 28 weeks.

My son was hooked onto his dad's phone because he was terrified of the huge seaview.

Last batch of patterned cloth I bought at Kamdar. I had wanted to make ribbons from it.

Linens from Fabric Fanatics, a store located at Summit USJ. Go google for it.
The fabrics are drop dead gorgeous.

Earlier in May I dropped by the KL International Book Fair. It was the last day and just a few hours before closing time so I didn't expect much.

But Alhamdulillah I got a bag! 

I bought this just to broaden the scope of my book collection.

Unfortunately there wasn't a section on Malaysia. I was disappointed as I think Malaysia did reach the International level by the time this book was printed. Tom Abang Saufi?  

This costs RM 10 and I only had about 15 minutes to speed shop while the staff were packing their books into boxes. BTW this booth was the only booth to open at the English section of KLIBF2014. 

Good enough for me as I have spent about a year of my life making dolls for my own use.
They include 2 bears, one small for my mom and the other one a good notebook size for my husband, before we were married.  

Dolls. Some looked creepy while some realistic if they are blown to human size. 

Then I went downstairs and entered Karangkraf hall. They rented a huge hall just for themselves. I saw books on sewing but since I don't have a sewing machine at the moment I looked for other stuff.

Ribbon embroidery. This is my second book. Now, where did I keep my first one. 

 On black satin.

Just the day before I had bought a roll of roll printed ribbon in Nilai 3. We were sight seeing right after our visit to Bagan Lalang and I purposely stray ourselves to Nilai 3. Not so many things to buy. Next time I'll just visit this store in Johor which was not far from the famous Ayer Hitam craft and krepek stalls.

This could be a nice gift for friends. 

My first attempt. Four different outcomes using the same techniques. I have since bought various sized needles and bigger ribbons. These were quarter and half inch ribbons. It was a pain because the needle was huge.