Kebang beach, Malacca, Malaysia

Hello dear readers and hello March 2015. Me, huhort trip to Malacca, when in fact it was only less than 8 days ago. It feels great to be taking time off with the kids, forgetting for a bit about the house work, office work and et cetera et cetera.

We went there end of 2014 along with my mother in law, but the trip was a pit stop before we head for home, Pahang land of Elephants. That time we were there for a little more than half an hour but this time we came at about 5.30 pm and sat on the sand drinking coconut shake as long as we could. Ok, 1.5 hours is long enough for family of small kids.

Our trip last week, from KL to Klebang Beach.

Drinking Klebang most famous beverage, Coconut Shake. It was actually a concoction of coconut water + vanilla ice cream + ice, all blended in. 

Me and the little baby lounging on the beach.

Daddy teaching son about the beach, sun and sea. 

Taking some polaroids. But some photos did not turn out good as I set the wrong flash setting :( 

Before we set our butts on this man made beach, I told my husband to take a look at the nearby bare land.  I found out via Instagram that it has mounds of sands where people can take pictures and pretend that they were on a dessert. So I told hubs to follow the lead of some cars ahead of us moving towards a spot of bare land, just right of Klebang Beach. We moved for about 300 metres and arrived on dirt road before wheeling into sandy land. Hubs pulled to a stop right before a few cars. It is usually safe to follow other people's judgement :D

Anyway there was a car who couldn't move, the more the wheels turned, the deeper the car went into the sand. So the people inside got out and turned the car around. The driver drove farther away from the collection of parked cars.

I was barely able to control my urge to shoot some photos, so I left the baby who was awake with husband. My eldest son was already sleep, so we didn't have to worry about him wanting to follow me. I walked for about 10 minutes, before I realized that it was not that hot. So I rested the umbrella on the sand, but the wind on a plain land was too strong so it blew my umbrella away. So I decided to just close the umbrella and take off my shoes. The sand felt so soft and silky between my toes.

Selfie while walking bare footed. 
It was a special kind of awesome as I was almost alone and no noise at all.
I liked it because I didn't leave my child at all but I was able to enjoy the elements of being alone.

See that hotel on the far right, that is not so far away from the man made Klebang Beach.
Why man made, because man extended the original shore line further into the sea.

Selfie while pretending to be in a foreign land.  :P


The real picure behind the scene.
Kid no 1, having his nap.
Kid no 2, crying for mommy.
Daddy, attending kids while watching mommy do selfies.
Mommy, selflessly selfies herself.

And good evening.





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