Cute and lighting

This is a cute image of Benedict Cumberbatch. He looks glorious in here. What you don't know about this shot is, the Director Of Photography did his job really well here. The background is darker, suggesting that the director uses other lights to specifically light up his face. Maybe one from the right side and one from under because you can barely see any shadows there. But the lights are softened, maybe using filters.

In another note, I am using my 3 weeks of spare time to analyze everything Sherlock BBC. So you will see a lot of it pouring in my future posts. I just love the show and its fans, they do a great job analyzing the cinematography, shots and costumes. I wish it is colder than cold in Malaysia sometimes, so I can wear a long winter coat and pretend like I am Sherlock :P

This is how you get a flawless skin selfie, ok apart from your camera phone having a beautify setting. Make the lights work for you. Don't just shoot yourself in some kind of dark lighting, walk around to find the best light. Natural light is friendly, so take a selfie by the window and go through trial and error. Adieu.