Life is a 1000 passing of phases

You used to be young, a baby in the careful hold of your mother. Then you could run like the wind but still clasped in the embrace of your guardian. Next you were single, then you get attached to a bevy of friends - a boyfriend - a friend with benefits, and sail away into years of life of your choosing.

You learn to be independent, you learn to drive a car, you learn to use public transportation, you buy that CD which contained the lovely song you heard a few times on a radio, and you rest when it all gets too overwhelming, whether from life, work or relationship.

You find people to share your joy, to exchange ideas and talk about some serious or fluffy things. You go out, have lunch, have coffee or simply sitting side by side just reminiscing about old stuff while you still can. While the similarity in background is still deemed significant, whether it be a history of recent years or 14 years ago.

You ponder about the future, about your past, about the recent history of certain things, about the deaths of friends and colleagues, about other peoples perception of you, about your perceptions of people immediate to you. You don't really care about people who have no immediate connection to you, like how a friend would say "it's not like you pay for my wedding, so it's up to me to tell you or not."

Some things are better left unblogged to not attract mommy wars like bre@stfeeding, babywearing, attachment parenting, choosing to mix feed (bre@st milk + formula milk) vs exclusively bre@stfeeding. You have disagreements with your in laws, child carers about what to feed your babies, using a walker or not, and other periodical issues.

You learn to trust your instincts when they conflict with your feelings, learn to not second guess yourself when your acts and choices are being questioned, listen to opinions but only comply if you whole heartedly believe in it.

Life is a thousand phases, a few years you will do this one thing you adore, you savour the moments, while at the same time ceasing to do other activities and leave it in the past. Starting a phase and gradually ending it, and maybe once every few years get into doing it again.

Life is a thousand phases, it only ends when you drop dead. The after life is another phase, but that's a different blog post.