I was in Kedah, Alor Setar that is.

y. Ms assigned me as an assistant producer for a live streaming production. There were two events held on two separate nights, one was a ceramah agama (religio.ul Handy Black and Yazid Sejati. They are the rockers ofthe late 80s and early 90s.

Here are some photos when I was there in a jumbled order.

Rehearsal prior to live streaming.

On my way to breakfast somewhere in Kuala Kedah. I think this was the day I had roti jala at Jalam Gangsa.

This was somewhere near the market at around Kuala Kedah, my officemates were sshopping for crabs.

The performers for the concert.



The  pictures above were mostly taken during day time during rehearsals. I did not manage to get any pictures from the actual shows because I was busy learning on the job.

The person on the left is the director, sitting next to him is the switcher who makes all the super CG and crawling appear on screen after cues from the director. We have 3 cameras, and 4 cameramans working on turns. There is also a senior technical producer to check on the streaming. This is live video production streamed onto a website, via broadband cable.

I'll tell you more, see you in a few days time.