The feels that comes when someone you have been with for awhile leaves, like a feeling of I miss you don't go away

Hi. I am still in Raya holiday mode.

I was just thinking about someone whom I have been living with for a while. Suddenly that person is not there anymore. Life returns to our normal routine, but the feeling of seeing that someone for, although it's been only a week, will surely be missed.

This is just someone I live with sometime, imagine when it's someone you have known for years. Obviously the pain of being separated is ten fold. How do you shake away the 'I miss you it hurts' feelings. I understand that I am also in a position where I don't have much luxury time to spend with others. When you are with babies, time is precious and sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I am alone outside with them. That's not taking in the fact that meeting friends usually involves after office hours and night time.

Maybe the solution is just to meet and whatever the hell happens, happens. Spend another year not meeting and people will float away. But like the sayings go, if you are meant to be together you will meet again.