Tantrum Me

I am not proud to admit that I am almost mid 30s, and I throw a tantrum like a 3 year old. These tantrummy me moment, is a condition where I couldn't contain my anger. The causes may make an adult in a normal setting laugh their ass off, but they make me piss off like a celebrity who thinks she has the world at her knees.

Let me tell you why I am pissed off. As an adult, I expect that people tell me early on what time they are available. So if you can't make it, just say so. Don't let me plan my day around your vague schedule. It is not me alone in this picture and that's another reason why I am passed off. This has happened a few times and just a simple message would have sufficed. But you decide to just shut the hell up. I am pissed off because I can be pissed with this person and let all my energy flow.

If I act all pissy with a fellow officemate I will likely be dubbed unprofessional so I only throw a tantrum with someone I am close with. Usually I ignore these office mates or people from nearby offices by staying low under the radar, unfriendly them on media social or just don't talk to them for a few weeks.

Right now my four and one year old boys throw tantrums at different times. I hope I don't appear like them when I am having my tantrum, it'll look silly.

The end