Fate vs Cause to Practice Safety : Kids drowning in the bathrooms

There are two news within these few weeks about babies under 18 months drowning in the bathroom. The first one happened when the mother left her child in the bathroom and asked her elder 5 year old to watch the toddler. She was hanging something I guess and within a minute came back to the bathroom found her son lifeless in a pail filled with water. The other news happened yesterday before Subuh prayers. The mother was busy ironing clothes when she noticed her one year old missing, and she then saw the lifeless tot in the bathroom. Early check up on the kid alleged that the kid drowned. As muslims we all believe that deaths are predestined when we were still inside our mom's tummies. But news like these also points the importance of practicing safety first at home.

Inalillahiwainnailaihirajiun to the kids family. I also have a one year old and he is so fascinated with the bathroom. But I am such an awful mom because I don't close the door properly. I should be securing the door with chains and nuts and bolts and such. Well, I better start doing something before he gets the strength to pull the folded bathroom open.

My sons are the clingy type. They venture where I am except when the bathroom door is open. I don't know what's the deal with that. And once they are inside they are reluctant to exit unless I do some scary stuff like shutting the door for a second or switching the door just to make them go outside. I know I employ daft techniques to get them out. Sigh. There will come a day when they all move out.... Anyway luckily the bathroom fascination only lasts like in the first 2 years of their life. After that bathing time is a war zone.