#AniMaNgaki 2015 day 1

I paid RM20 for a day's pass and brought along my baby son for the ride, whilst his dad and bro went to roam the shopping center.

There were so many people there. I estimated around 2500, and you can easily spot a cosplayer there. Maybe a cosplayer for every 20 normal clothed person. There were plenty of activities there like game demonstration, anime screening, cosplay competition and artists parading their wares. You can find button badges, stickers, figurines, anime/manga characters on pillow cases, bags, shirts, keychain and many more. 

The event spread on two floors is an annual event, but this was my first time there. I learned about it at Visual Arts Expo, and the next event will be Komik Kon Malaysia at MIECC in Nov and Comic Fiesta in Dec. You can search for photos of the event on Instagram using the hashtags #amg2015 #animangaki and #animangaki2015. Enjoy the pixes.

Here's a video I found on AniManGaki account on YouTube.