Me, cute? Me thinks me am!

I sound so vain right. But I think I am cute, and cuter with make up on and in certain photographic angles. My boyfren told me I am cute, especially when he's intoxicated in lurve. I asked my friend recently to label herself in attributes such as cute, pretty, lovely, cantik, jelita, anggun and etc. She chose cute and a cantik sikit.My boyfriend is also cute, and that's why I fall in lust with him in the first place.

We are the creations of God and us human beings are pretty in a varied way. Plus the human's eyes perceive people differently. One pair of eyes and a brain says thin is beautiful while another set prefers curvy. The 'eyes and brains' preference are shaped by their understanding of what is pretty.

However a pretty head with a bad attitude is forever ugly.
What we see is not always what we get.