bye bye babies

A letter to my baby hamsters
Mary (25 Jun 08 - 7 Julai 08) & Kate (25 Jun 08 - 8 Julai 08)

Dearest babies,
I'm sorry that you died in my care. However, I'm also relieved as you were so tiny and I was a clueless caregiver. I guess the cause of your death is that you still need your mother's milk and the pet milk is not suitable for you.

As I had seen you up, close and personal during feeding time then your image shall haunt me these few days. The sensation of you wriggling in my hands have begun to fade. But your mere existence will not easily fade away from my brain.

Babies, my wish is that you will go to hamster heaven and grow big there. You teach me that sometimes things are beyond my control and therefore are best left to be. Thank you for the few days we had together. I'll miss you.

In Memory my babies

I secretly named the twins, Mary & Kate as I think they were females. Baby Mary died on Monday, 7th July around 7pm and baby Kate died this morning before I woke up. They were approximately 13 days old and already had black and white fur. Their eyes had not opened yet.

Goodbye my darling.


ida said...

REst In Peace Mary n Kate.
Sorrylah x dpt nak jaga korang properly....
Lgpun korang kecik sgt ler...

mizzy N said...

sob sob