kasut baru

I am wearing my new shoes, it's black with red heels and the tak tahanness factor is the ribbon with the red bow. My friend said it looked so girlish, so berangan I say. It's on sale so my pocket wasn't crying when I bought them. Now it shares the space under my office desk with my other shoes which can be seen in the backgorund.

From left is my brown peep toes, my plastic yellow peep toes(they cost only RM20, cheaper than other shops which sold them at twice that price), silver vincci peep toes and my putus talinya red strappy shoes. I love peep toes because they are comfy and reminded me of the shoes my mum used to wear in the 80s to 90s.

My next buy will be a pair of flat shoes for work and a pair of snazzy boots. Boots are made for walking but certainly not in Malaysian weather where yer foot will cry and sob as they heat up.

My wish for all shoe shops in the world is that they stock shoes in large sizes. But if they don't we still have Vincci and Voir to run to.