I dreamt of being a writer.

I told a dear friend that I would like to do it before I turn 25. Today I am three years past that dead line and I am yet to type a single manuscript. Typing that sentence itself felt like a déjà vu. A thing that had happened before but can’t be remembered where I did it, but in this case it was something I wrote every year when mentioning about my none existent writing career. "I'll be writing a novel this year, come NaNoWriMo."

Fat chance la mizzyN.

Right now all I have is this blog which is my on and off writing pad. I only write when my mood comes and stare at it when I want to write and then nothing comes about. Or I’ll just blab and save it as draft for another day of writing when the mood finally comes.

I like to imagine things about me especially when I read an article about someone else. Like a favourite question to a celebrated writer, singer, actor or artiste “What would you be if you are not a writer, singer, actor or artiste?” If I am not what I am now I imagine myself as a dancer. Dancing is a passionate affair. I remember lazing around at UiTM in the huge in a rehearsal for a Merdeka Celebration when a girl and a guy stood on a spot and began dancing along to a song .The dance they did was similar to the contemporary dances performed in the tv programme ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.The dance by the two was very intimate and after the music ended I looked at them with jaws dropped. One day six months ago I turned on 'High School Musical' and copied the simple dance moves. After this who knows I can copy some moves of Michael Jackson's 'This is it'.


Hazrey said...

hepi belated birthday girl. Just write whatever you want. Dont think. This is a blog. Just write.

DrSam said...

Everything starts with a dream. No harm in dreaming. Just keep you dream alive.

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...
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yoon see said...

Keep dreaming, without dream, we wouldn't be happy!
Just write down your dream and get up close with it daily.
Remind yourself is that you want to be one, if so take action and set target...ready to go!
Me to...

katztales said...

Wish I could dance and sing. I've got two left feet and I am tone deaf. Even the cats complain when I sing!