Malaysia Art Expo 2010

I like arts. During last year's Art Expo I had a good look at all sorts of art from countries like Spain, Hungary, Germany, Ecuador, Indonesia, China, Singapore and of course from our homegrown artists.

Unfortunately I can't recall where the arts are so heheheh you will only get to enjoy these arts without knowing who and where it actually came from.

Just arrived at the Expo which was held at MATRADE. The parking was RM5 per entry.

This looks like David Bowie circa the 80s. This portrait is very unique.
Wanna know why?

This one too.

It is made from folded papers. Totally awesome.

Wonder Woman from recycled parts and Michael Jackson from recycled parts too.

I bet any Michael Jackson fanatic would love to have this in their house.

This one seems like a combo of many little symbols collaged together.
Notice the scissors on the lower left hand side.

Here's a close up of the scissors where you can see a red MPV and some people hanging here and there.

Here's another one, from the same artists whom I don't where or who he/she is. Take a look at the lower right hand part.

Here's a close up of it. Frankly I don't know what the little people are doing or what it symbolizes. Some art are beautiful even if I don't understand what they mean. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.