I sux at designing

Although I am not a pro at designing one thing I know is that no one should quash a person's picture in any kind of way. Just look at the photoshopped picture above. That's me looking like a pumpkin. The bad thing is that some people resized the picture without maintaing the pic's aspect ratio just to fill up the canvas.

It looked like how a normal picture would look in a 16 by 9 monitor. Even today's tv have two kinds of dimension for the 4 by 3 and 16 by 9 display ratio. You no longer see a quashed picture on tv these days.

One more thing is too use readable fonts and not more than 3 kinds of fonts in a page. However in the matter of colours I don't know anything. I know that a tan skinned person should wear pastel colours and a fair skinned person can get away with any colours. Ermmm that's all :D


Au and Target said...

So not fat but wrong ratio!

DrSam said...

Alamak...those distorted pic make you look like you are 9-month pregnant :)

Sherry said...

not bad how many kg are you now? me gain 3kg now 74.3kg... berat and sakit waist!