Me now

Fat and happy.

My friend said I looked so big pregnant after knowing me for the past five years in slim mode. BTW I'm due this middle of July.

New bag

The last time I got a handbag or bought one was during my wedding 8 months ago. So last month I decided to buy another one which is boxier so I can put my camera in it. The bag looked much more awesome in its boxy shape and to get that shape I'll have to fill it with lots of items. When my office mate saw my new bag they had another idea about it.

One said "A new bag?"
Me "Yep"
Another office mate who is a mother of three quipped "When the baby gets here the bag will be filled with diapers, milk and all baby things."
Ermmm, I know that already but I hated it when people started stuffing me with these trivial things. Like duuhhh. One thing she didn't say which is cringe worthy would be "the camera will soon be replaced with baby items". Now that would easily get irk me.


AchiQue said...

ur tummy nampak besar but u tak nampak gemuk pon. serious! anyway, adakah kau akan jadi like those people yg tak berenti-renti cakap pasal anak lepas ko beranak nanti? let's wait and see...

mizzyN said...

Itu just wait and see. hahahahhaha

LilyAzliyana@MamaZaraZareef said...

wahhh..aku terasa ngan komen achik tu sbb aku antara 'those people' yg tak berenti2 bercakap psl anak dlm blog...huhu

nway, 1st time tgk pic ko ngan perut besar..dh scan lom ni..hope sume ok nanti yekk..=)

mizzyN said...

lily, hahaha saluran kite lain2 tema lily.

dah scan beb cuma tak tanya lagi ape cite jantina tapi sihat alhamdulillah, anatomi semua ok.

inur said...

Rara.. u look so cute.. ;) ehehe... baby boy eh? mesti tiyut nanti tuh.. ngeee

AchiQue said...

aiyoo...lily jangan terasa. aku bercakap secara general. mana-mana aku pergi pun kalau jumpa mak-mak ni memang tak lekang bercerita pasal anak. yang buat aku terfikir, adakah semua wanita pun macam itu?

jadi aku macam tertanya-tanya la kalau gedh pun akan menjadi seperti ko (and org lain). tak dapat kubayangkan..huhu..