Baby is 9 days old.

My baby is 9 days old today. He's getting chubbier now and i only noticed this morning. He has three names and combine that with his father's name.... Well he's going to spend a lot of time filling forms. Sorry child.

We call him Mikael. He's not fussy, just crying when he's hungry or has a soiled nappy. He sleeps easily and just tested his smiling ability.

I am in my 9th day confinement and follows what i can of the confinement tradition. I am surprised that pilis and param though messy are very soothing to tepek,

I've had a few blue moments during my pantang which has like 36 days to end. But my husband and friend helped a lot. thank uuuuu.
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Au and Target said...

Mikael is a great name! Love it. Not sure what your confinement traditions are. Can't you just do what makes you happy? And hey, put up some pics, OK? We'd like to see the new non-furry addition to the family :-)