Baby Mikael

Introducing Mikael Rizal. This is him on his 3rd day on planet earth.

That is his nick name which was also my hubby's original name of choice, but after weeks of thinking we named him something else. Actually he has three word name which is very long. But i think he can live with it in the long run. Mikael Rizal is a combo of his and his father's name.

He was born either 3.51 or 3.15 kgs. The nurses at the operating room wrote 3.15 kgs and i think he weighs that measurement though he looked like he could weigh 3.5 kilos.

Today he is 11 days old and that means i have 33 days of confinement waiting for me. I feel like I live in a time warp because i am awake from dawn till dusk and is confined to the house. 24 hours seems like a long time, like there's 3 days in 24 hours.

In addition it's been 11 days since i read a newspaper or heard the news. I've been feeding news off twitter and fb. Well, i feel like i'm listening to rumours everyday. So today I am shutting off twitter and fb, maybe until Monday so i can look at other things.

Hahahhahssh, yep imma fb freak.


Au and Target said...

Cute kid! And with fur too :-)

Don't worry about missing the news; there isn't any! Hoping you don't go stir crazy.....