I love to see beautiful things

I used to spend many many hours searching for inspiration regarding DIY things. For now I am concentrating on crafts made from felt. What is felt you ask me? Here it is.

So after spending hours and hours googling I found an online notice board where people can pin their fave things online for all to see. The plus side is that only the beautiful and unique pieces are pinned on.

I don't know how this thing works but head on here to see what other people are pinning on the board. It is

Here are the types of things that you can find here such as gifts, DIY and fashion.

But if you are searching for something more specific you can type in the search box on the right above corner and see what appears there. Happy browsing.


Au and Target said...

I'm so jealous! Wish I could do that but I'm all thumbs... Meow from all of us in Selangor.