Kerja Allah

It's 5.30 am in the morning and I can smell the lingering odour of the Father In Law's cigarette. He must have smoked earlier, as much as he could before the fast starts in a few minutes. He is sleeping having eaten early sahur at 1.30 am when I was watching Aku No 1 the movie. Ok enough about him, just a mention here.

I want to talk about God's mysterious gifts. He gave me a laptop when I needed one most. The laptop is actually given by my employer as an incentive for our work online. Although at this day and age most of our online activities are achieved via smart phones la kan.

I am embarassed to ask for God things like laptop in my prayers. Usually I ask for Allah to forgive my wrongdoings and long life. Some people said that we need to alter that, a long life is quite scary when one realises that being in old age is a bit tricky - too old and weak to do prayers and remember Quran words? Do I really want that? Or ask to die in iman and place our belated dearest people among the pious ones.

I also ask for my Parent's forgiveness, that they be in good health and Allah grant them and me chances to gain rezeki. How do you say 'murah rezeki' in English term? So asking Him for something material feels too much, especially that I can be so ungrateful sometimes.

But then my laptop cable was spolit and I had no access to a laptop. A few months later after lots of delaying to buy a laptop, He gave me one. Syukur Alhamdulillah Allah. It was like he dropped a laptop from the heavens into my lap.

I am also thankful that He has stuck with me through and through. It's time I change my life here. It's time to be a humbler servant and pious muslim. Allah Akbar! Syukur Alhamdulillah. I hope to achieve something from this Ramadan. A start somewhere, something I should start now.