Raya ke 8

It's raya time in JB pulak. Today we will resume yesterday's raya activity, beraya rumah orang la kan. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to beraya at my long time friend's house, my fellow mozac mate - Zura.

We lived for 5 years in the same dorm, but went to different classes. Opps I just remembered that me and her went to 4 Beta and 5 Beta during our senior years. So we were classmates for 2 years ohoooho.

Being in a residential school for so long makes you feel like you have 115 brothers and sisters that you can visit whenever appropriate.

The last time I met her was impromptully at Syed Bangsar. She even remembered my birthday and i too do remember hers. Before that we met at mid valley when we were still in unis.

So yesterday since my relatives were out of their homes, I decided to zoom to her place first. Thank you relatives for not being available hehehe. We spent almost 2 hours catching up on everything.

Here's pictures of us at her home. And of course of Mikael's baju raya.


Au and Target said...

Wow, I don't think I remember even 10% of the people I went to school with! Glad you had fun.

ninieZUERYANNIE said...

terus rs rindu nak jumpa kawan2 mozac!

ninieZUERYANNIE said...

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir & batin.. ;)