It is easy to start something but so hard to sustain it.

Salam Ramadan and happy fasting.

I love blogging, it is an online place where I can find same voiced people who I can read their stories and share my feedback on their comments side. But it can sometimes awfully a lot like talking to silent readers (Are there any at all?) and never having any feedbacks. Sure at times it feels lonely but at times it feels fulfilling, like keeping a diary that I don't mind people reading.

Having a blog can be a burden when you think about the part where you need to maintain it, like changing the layout and upload a post every now and then. If the last post is more than 6 months ago, you are more likely to not get bookmarked. If your blog catches some readers interest, you might just get more motivated to write instead of just spilling some stories now and then.

Anyway, Ramadan is here. I decided that I should just relax and roll with Ramadan. Last year, my Ramadan was 3 days of fasting and the other 12 days spent heaving a 9 month old fetus here and there. I gave birth towards the middle of Ramadan, little Ilya was born on 20 th of Ramadan.