Post a Cat pic to win a preloved cat story book from me.

Hello there I have been thinking about doing a give away or contest for some time now.
Ok here goes.

The rules are simple, 1. Post an original picture of a live cat with a caption, in your blog and put a link to my blog in that post. An example is like this.

CAT : The camera flash is blinding me,point it away!
The caption sucks because it is 4 am and I am very sleepy right now. But for reference you can see icanhascheezburger which is my favourite cat picture website.

3. This give away/ contest starts today and ends on Tuesday the 27th of July 2009, 11.59 pm 2pm Malaysian's time. 4. The chosen one will be picked by me and my friends. 5. What do you get for all those uploading activities? Well, you will get this book about a cat produced by a Malaysian company. BUY MALAYSIAN MADE PRODUCTS!
.front cover.

As mentioned it is a preloved book which I bought last year at a book fest.
It is a nice story about a cat and it's experiences.
And it's a made in Malaysian product.

So if you want to join in please do so. See you on Tuesday as I am going to be on a five day Internet hiatus. Bye!

ps: I am actually embarassed to do this as I know not many people read this blog. and my followers are few. But what the heck it is for fun and I am curious to know how many people I can attract by doing this.


lily azliyana @ mama zara said...

congrats berjaya menganjurkan giveaway yg pertama..=p

nmpak sgt ko 'gile' kucing eyh. giveaway, hadiah sume pon berkaitan kucing. klu aku rajin, aku post la st gmbar kucing nnti k..=)

katztales said...

We'll take part and post on Tuesday! Hey, prepare yourself for some advertising :-) ****** my book Katz Tales is coming out in October. Soooooo excited! Published by Marshall Cavendish Malaysia and featuring Scoop and Au and Target who are Malaysian kitties. Written by me, not a Malaysian!

yoon see said...

Congrats Mizzyn!
I love the way you host this contest. Let me come back before Tuesday:)
The book is a very cute book.
I love it! I am not greedy, I just wish whoever got the luck to own this book!
Don't worry, I love your bloh, no matter how, I will still follow you:)
Happy weekends!

azyze gomez said...

okaylah i'll join in demi memeriahkannya. tak menang pun takpe hehe.

i'll go find a picture of one of our beloved (but departed) cats.

mizzyN said...

Hi katztales, lily, yoon see and azyze - thanks for commenting. I forgot to promote my giveaway so I am so relieved that you all actually know about this. I'll promote my give away the next time ait. Ok wait for tomorrow.

yoon see said...

Sorry to submit the entry late mizzyN.
I don't have a cat photo with me, I just went to shot one.

mizzyN said...

no worries yoon see, i am thinking about extending the due date to later this week. Thanks for joining. I'll check on your post later kay.

Just Sharlene said...

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