Sharing my on and off hobby.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Mizzy N who had 1001 aspirations but so far had only done five of them. One of the came true aspirations happened on an ambitious night not so long ago which is to draw cute little beasties. Wahahaha, originally I was thinking of doing 30 of them but only four materialized. Here they are. Take a look
I am still wondering why I drew the worm looking like he is scared of something, is it the apple? It could be Cinderella's poisonous apple right? Of which could be harmful to a small worm. No wonder he looked so scared.

Crouching cat melirik mata.

Sceptic rabbit : "Do you know how to take pictures?"
Tortoise : Oi, gue belajar kat sekolah tau!
(Haha tunjuk perasan pula.)

See my super non existent muscles?
Buttering up my ego and fly away from here.

Mizzy N

ps: semalam iddy biddy beli DVD True Blood pas tu aku bleh tgk DVD last sekali sebab nak tau ape ending season dia. Okla hepi ending. Oooooooops spoiler!


renaye said...

ah so cute!!

yoon see said...

Hey mizzyN, these are brilliant!
Keep up your good work!
My favourite are the rabbit and cat!