The result for my first give away,

Last week I did my first give away, and here comes the results envelope. Ladies and gentlemen the lucky blogger to get my preloved cat book is

drum roll....... TRRRRRRRRRR













okay, okay no dawdling...

that person is!

This is her entry.

The stray cat:"Mind your own business. Why you keep following me?"

I like the cat's 'malas nak layan' expression and her (obviously female) 'kiss my butt' walking away action.

Congratulations Yoon See!
See you at the podium for the speech, haha!

A little bit about Yoon See - I get to know her from Kak Emila's blog. She is a full time coach teaching piano, art and tuition. Her blog Greener pastures is a place for her to share her life experiences' and art creations' with "maverick spirits!" Well that is directly copied and pasted from her blog. From what I know Yoon See enjoys arts and crafts and is a really humble blogger. I like browsing her blog for inspiration and can't wait to meet her in reality to pass her the book and some making kawan baru stuff, oops dah terberitau plak.

Do visit her blog and see her creations. Greener Pastures by Yoon See yek.

Before this I had also entered some of her competitions and tags.
See also - my entry for Yoon See's tag and contest.

encemReview / Post Mortem

As it was my first 'give away' I forgot to do some things which I consider important such as forgotting to promote my give away in the other bloggers' blog. Therefore only people who frequent this blog knew about it.

Secondly I think something like this should be named a contest, calling it a 'give away' is misleading especially when it involves some competition. A give away is like giving something on a first come first serve basis without any rules or competition.


yoon see said...

Thanks mizzyN and noted you big heart for giving such cool & precious present to me.
Sorry, I am at my student house.
Will come back to comment! said...

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katztales said...

I think the giveaway was great - except that I got stuck with deadlines and forgot about it. Sorry!

Sweet looking girl there. Pity she's a stray. Is Yoon See taking care of her?

mizzyN said...

I am not sure about that. I think not.

Catherine said...

hello im been reading it !and i think giving was great too...but is they way i dono how to start a giving away...=.=