SAAMI : To be lost and loving it

Malam ini malam mula mengarut.
Makanya perkenalkan Siri Angan-Angan Malam Ini atau SAAMI.

Tonight I am watching The Ramen Girl.
It is a story about a girl
learning to cook Ramen from a mean Japan uncle.

In my conscious dream I'd like to be lost too
like her.
For a year or two maybe
to experience something new.
Like resetting a stopwatch back to 00:00.
But not with a clean slate or like a newborn baby
I need my whole life with me to experience the new.
Embrace new and merge it with what I have.
Like Ultimus Prime and Jetfire? Naaaaaaaaaah. Too huge takbole

Yes my dear, the feeling of being in a new place and among people who barely know you is wonderful. It's like bathing in your own bathroom after years of bathing in a communal shower at college. Hey, that sounds more like what independece can buy you.

Walaubagaimanapun it is a nice feeling being away from home even if it is for a few days only. Like the travellers sayings go or something that goes like it, the farther you are from your country the more you are likely to appreciate it. Come on let's travel even if it is on our couch and skimming the world through the net. Let me learn about other culture and enrich my knowledge. Come on!

post scriptum :
here is ramen girl on imdb


katztales said...

I'm having the opposite feeling: I want to lock my doors, stay at home and not meet anyone new for a week!

mizzyN said...

katztales : :)

Eliz said...


Anonymous said...

eliz, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

tuan empunya blog malas nak log in.

DrSam said...

I like to transport myself into Astro 'Discovery & Travel Channel'

fauzuskamaruddin said...

i pon penah rse fact until today jiwa memberontak to do this........i would love to travel here and there jd backpacker ke..i dun mind...tinggal kt budget motel ke...bwk irfan and hubby adventerous kan..........sadly rse cam sumthin that wont become true......yelah kerja nk letak mana pulak kan...unless i dibayar for travel.......

mizzyN said...

dr sam, one way to travel in fornt of the box!

mizzyN said...

iye la. that is my dream too. maybe bila irfan dah besar boleh bawa berjalan nanti. i hope you will find the time to do so nanti, :)