Jomlah Join

Who wants to take home a picture frame
specially decorated with your name from me?
Here's how to gain one.

1) Just create a kind of sentence from the alphabets in Mizzy N
such as,
Miss Invincible Zig Zagging Yummy Nymph.
It can either be in Malay or English.

2) Lepas tu go to these blogs dan leave your comment dalam mana-mana blog ini.

3) Afterwards korang hantar borang kat bahagian komen pos ini dengan format berikut.
a. Tagline
example : Miss Invincible Zig Zagging Yummy Nymph.
b. And tell me which blog did you leave a comment on by pasting the link
(URL address post yang korang komen itu)

4) All entries will be entertained until Monday
(14th Sept 2009 at 11.59pm) and I will publish the chosen ones by Tuesday evening (15th September 2009). I'll do the judging of course.

May the best worded ones get the frames.

Here are examples of the frame. These are not decorated.

Green and green.

And yes they are Ikea frames in case you were wondering.

Pink and red

So mulakanlah mengarang!


Byha said...

aku arahkan ko bg aku itu frame scr free, muahahahaaa XD

kalo tak, ko akan menyesal...

mizzyN said...

a bley balik tidur la.

doodledesign said...

interesting... :)

doodledesign said...

interesting... :)

Sherry said...


Sherry said...


Sherry said...


Sherry said...

Me Ingin Zig Zag Your Nose :)

Sherry said...

I blogged

hope more blogger join :)

Hazrey said...

I thought I am your BFF? I email you my address ok bekos dis entry belly konfusing. Me, konpius person, so yu kenot konpius me animor.

fauzuskamaruddin said...

oohh dh berhari pk tk dpt ilham lagii...

mizzyN said...

hentam aje la fauzus, x ramai pun join lagi nie.

Ili Saharudin said...

Missy Interactive Zone Zig Young Network

hehe..just try my luck..

intan izani said...

MIZZYN- Minah Independent Zoom Zass Yg Ngetop!

dah follow rules kan ni?

mizzyN said...

yes intan and ili, u r so rite.