Pooling around

For the past six months I'm hooked to the pool. Not the watery kind. This is the low lit game of ball pushing. First of all I don't know anything about pool, the rules, the tradition and neither the theories. I just play to my heart's content. In fact I lost more than winning when I play with my fiancee. He said I should play pool vs myself so I'll have a brighter chance of winning. Evil words, but I think my skills are getting better. In fact I always manage to score a minimum of 4 balls for each game I play now.

Before this I persuaded my pren azyze to play pool/snooker with me for countless times. But as the pool tables are solemnly lighted she never answered my wishes to venture into those dark eerie places. It sure looked mysterious those days, so instead we played pool tv games at her parent's house.

Forward to now and I play weekly games of pool, a weekend without pool feels so lost and lonely. Hahahha. Actually I love pool so much because I fail at bowling. Bowling is a mysterious sports to a non sporty type like me. Some days I win and some days it's the 'bola longkang' day. But I hope to play bowling soon, it's been a long time since we had any media day bowling game. The carmaderie is good which made playing bola longkang feel like the least of all my worry. Just as I started feeling loathsome towards my inexpertise in bowling I ventured into pool. Now, I am in bliss. What makes me happy keeps me alive.

Contrary to popular belief there are some tudung clad girls at the pool tables or at least in the public area in 1Utama. Some played while some just watched their friends pool around. I think it's a great simple workout session and also a great indoor activity to do with your pals. Usually I see International female students play pool and never seen local gals play in a huge group. It's a fun game which is negatively preceived.

The sexeh thing about pool is you can stick your butt at people when you aim for the balls. But before you do that make sure there's no one behind or you'll end up sticking your pool stick into someone else's arse.

Another moment I like is riding on the table when the white ball is too far away to aim. It feels slutty and sometimes I act like I am all hebat when I tenggek my butt on the table to aim for the ball. I wonder if I ajak sopan girl NY will she play with me? Nyehehe.

Right now I am more style than substance when playing pool. But I think I'll have a pool table some day or maybe one of offsprings will take a liking to it. It will be great!!! I'll have to youtube for more guidance now. To infinity and beyond.

Ok la then. Bye.

Let's pool around!


Byha said...

ur not slutty, ur skinny (-_-')

ouT oF My MinD said...

sopan eh...
yep betul

fauzuskamaruddin said...

wahhh..jom lawan nak heeeeee..w