Please be my Valentine

Bosan jadi mari menyanyi lagu ciptaan sendiri

Let me see you in the dark
Your silhoutte by the moonlight
Your bra on my sheets and your panties out of sight

Ni ko nyanyi jadi watak lelaki la

Let me kiss your lips
Your skin so soft and smooth
Your hands behind my back and now it's on my head
Caressing my hair ruffling every strand

You are the girl I need
You feel so good in my arms
But I can wait baby
It doesn't have to be tonight
Just being here with you is good enough to satiate my need

Ok now comes the corny part

Sink into my ocean of love
Drown so that I can save you with my buoys of love
I'll lift you up and place
you in my yacht
Where I will keep you warm and we will sail for eternity

Hahahhahhahahha long time no write such things
Ok tuddless