dead blog?

i read in the malay mail today that some ppl think that blogging is oldskool and twiter is in and way cooler. i think it mirrors the fact that most people don't read things longer than a page. to me blog is still there much like how physical newspaper feels good to be hold and flipped over. twitter is good but sometimes i need more than 140 characters, more than 300 words even.


Au and Target said...

You know people who READ? You must be part of that innelektuwal crowd :-)

Seriously, most of the people I meet don't read more than the sex scandal and sports pages.

azyze said...

i agree with you, Nadh. Although I mostly write about crappy stuff, I think I need more than 140 words.

But then again, 140 words per sentance, but updated every other minute pun tak guna jugak.Sama je.

Bayangkan one day, silap2 people will only need 50 words to express themselves.

mizzyN said...

i don't read the sex scandals and the sports page but everything else.

i tweet and blog. But since tweeting from the desktop I have only half the time to think longer for my blog. Huhuhu.