Now i know why mothers in confinement talk about their baby all the time. Because
- i see, wake up, feed, burp baby every 2 hours.
-there's no time for leisure activity as i only have about an hour in between feeding
- feeding takes half an hour plus burping and then off to eat, take a bath, update fb/blog/twitter, entertain visitors or family who came.
- i only have two hands to feed, express milk and sometimes i silence my hp if i really need to sleep. Luckily my mum cooks and washes my clothes for me, bathes and buys stuff for me. She also bathes baby and change her nappy when i am in the bathroom.
-feeding and changing baby's nappy is 85 percent my chore.

Now i sleep in the couch as all my baby equipment is in the front. Getting out of bed was hard as the bed was springy and i was having a hard time getting up to feed baby.

After bathing i usually airdry the stitches for 15 minutes. Now the stitches have healed and the dried blood are coming off. But the inside stitches are still on their way to recovery. I walk to and fro from the bed to the kitchen. Set the table with the food my mom has cooked. Online sources said to not lift anything heavier than baby.

Now i go with the flow as scheduling my life isn't working at all. Baby rules and that's why it is called confinement. Learning to live with baby.

Now i need to ensure that i won't feel so lethargic and moody when i feed baby at 1, 3, 5 ams.

Pleasd understand your post natal friends, their hormones are out of the window and as a new mother who have never take care of a baby i see new things each day. I didn't know that babies drink like they have been running a 10km marathon. Nor did i know that the chance to get jaundice only disappears after baby is 20 days old. Right now my baby has mild jaundice and i have to monitor him until tomorrow.

I am aligning my thoughts towards a new life. It was tough the first week as i was forgetful, mood swingy and my bff raged because i didn't pick up the phone when she called. Hmmm... Being alienated from the world and facing so many new things at the same time was challenging to me. I know that millions of women post caesarian have walked the same road as mine and if they succeeded so can I.

Most importantly is to take care of myself and feelings before others and become a mother to dear Mikael. Maybe i should detox myself from the net and see what else that i can do and discover about myself.

Luckily mikael cooperates with me from day 1. He cries only when he is hungry, needs change or couldn't sleep. And i read somewhere that a new mother spend 6 hrs a day feeding baby. Ok, that's my life now. Byee. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Au and Target said...

OK Missy you have just MORE reasons why I don't have kids. Hang on in there, I'm sure it will be worth it. And Mikhael is cute!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on your newborn ! Gosh, I guess it's not called confinement/berpantang for nothing eh ? I've heard from experienced friends that it's normal to go through fluctuation of emotions during this period.
But chin up, try to stay positive, for the Mikael and yourself. You can do this ! :)