A heart softened by his cry
The warmth of his body touches her
The occasional smile he flashes warms her heart
Sometimes closing her eyes she could feel his soft skin

At all time he reminds her of his existence
Wants her to answer his call
Wants her to nourish him
Wants her to take care of him 
All the time

Her heart is stirred by this little guy
She can't refuse him
Even when she is bleary eyed from not enough sleep
Even as she entered a whole new world for him
All nervousness set aside
Her life is now his

Can't believe he is here after all
After an easy peasy pregnancy
Thank God for your gift
Hope I can give him the best that I could
As a mother to your hamba
The heir to this world

May he grew stronger by day
He will embrace the world
Carry it on his shoulders
A caliph of this world


azieazah said...

I read only... not write.


Au and Target said...

Oh boy, potential world ruler material, huh LOL!

The tea Ceremony hasn't been published before, and I tend to guestimate at BM as Google translate is too slow and often wrong too.