I have lost track actually

My baby Mikael will turn 11 months next Monday. And next thing you know he is a year young. Let me jot his milestone as quickly as I can.

Eight months
Can't remember what he achieved.

Nine months
Hmm, what was his milestone here?

Ten months
He swayed his body while listening to his toys jingle. I don't know where he learned that from. He also grew his two front teeth. The upper right one made an appearance on the 11th of May 2012, the day I got back from my Gegar thingy in Malacca. I checked his teeth on Thursday night the week before and his teeth looked red.

He can also stand for a good minute without holding onto anything. He is also 'cruising' or meniti, while holding onto furnitures for support. However he had not taken his first step unaided yet. He can walk a few steps if I hold one of his hands. If he is on his own he would 'meniti'/cruise and if the furniture is far away, he will drop down and crawl a bit and pull himself up and continue cruising/meniti.

He has started babbling in a myriad of sounds like 'bababa' 'tatata' 'abababatatata'. If the surround sound is catchy enough he'll immitate it. For my pleasure, I tried teaching him 'Mama' as Ibu is too difficult for him to immitate. But he has not actually immitated me yet.

Once, when we went up a lift in Sunway Pyramid, and the lift announced upon reaching 'First Floor", I think he also said something like that too. I'll have to do some research on how to teach him how to speak. Maybe teach him baby sign language?

Ok, next is his Eleventh and a year milestone. Bye.