Touch down on planet Ipoh

Hi, i'm here in ipoh. Me and my officemate departed around ten am and arrived here about 1.30 pm. That's a 3 hour journey, a smooth ride. But there was an accident which jammed the opposite highway leading to the south. So if you are exiting ipoh to the southern region, brace yourself for a
4 km jam. Hope the jam has subsided by now.

Meanwhile just yesterday we got to know that we are doing an outside event today. The two mydin events before this were indoor ones. It's going to be tropical and so am thinking of not wearing layered outfits.

Today is a bright and sunny day. I took some pictures on the way here. Enjoy. It feels good to have time for yourself sometimes, although it means not being with the baby for certain days. I am torn, but I think I need to do this to expand my experience and knowledge.

See you later.