Dealing with others in marriage

Modern marriage is mostly about tying the knot with someone you like being with, that one person whom you can bear to be in the same room with, that one person whom you like enough to share your personal space and of course of love with your heart or wih your vagina / penis.

But marriage is also about being married to the family and friends of your significant others. So how do you deal with them? For me, I often meet my MIL who only stayed 2 hours away from PJ, make it 1.5 hrs if you're near Gombak. She is a nice MIL to have, and I am her only daughter in law so far, so I have no competition. My husband likes to picture things in a competitive state, so he describes me being the only DIL as having no competition. This actually makes it tough as being the only DIL makes me a representative of the house. Like, I need to be there along with my husband. Like this one time, I was having flu and 7 months pregnant,  I had no mood to go to this wedding kenduri. When I was there, I didn't even salam the father and mother of the bride who looked frail and I was afraid they would be infected with my flu.

I admit that I am a hard one to crack. I was raised this way, hard on emotions and slow to receive affection. I even surprised myself when I got married. I must thank Allah that I have a bit of gatalness in me, enough to get myself married off. I was afraid of many things but pursuing a mate wasn't one of them unfortunately.

To be continued...