The bane of my exisence is that I love to procrastinate.
I procrastinate a lot.
I just love to procrastinate.
Procrastination is the key to unhappiness.

Why oh why am I like this.

I lost many opportunities in life due to my procrastinating nature.  Procrastination is defined as "the action of delaying or postponing something". And being a mom of two, I better get rid of this negative trait so I can lead a much fruitful and happier life.

Today I procrastinated about going to the restaurant in the next block to buy dinner, that was ok but by the time I got out of the house it was 11 pm. If I went out earlier the grocery store would still be open and I could've killed two bird with one stone. Now I don't have anything heavy to eat tomorrow and have to go shopping come morning.

Sigh. I should stop this procrastination thing. 2 years ago I procrastinated when it comes to pumping time that I only pumped until my son was 1year and 3 months. With this son I hope to make it into a year and a half minimum. Procrastination be gone!