I am your elder, listen and follow me.

I have a hard time in dealing with parent level authority,  especially when the parent or parental individual like uncles or aunts don't do as they say. I have seen many parent level authority telling young people to do this and that but they don't do as they say. This is one reason why I have a following orders complex, except if its from the boss. I am paid to carry out their orders so I am obliged to do it. But with parental authority other than my parents and my parents in law, I have a hard time following.  My husband told me that I like to 'melawan'.

I challenge parent level authority because they expect so much of me but they don't carry out the things they want me to do. Like telling me to hold my wedding ceremony during school holidays so that relatives can come to the wedding. Having a wedding ceremony during school holiday is costly, you have to do it on a certain day. We wanted to do it on our own term, so we could plan leisurely and don't have to compete with other brides who also hog the same bridal shop. So this one parent level authority also marry of their daughter but not during the school holiday like they told me so. I just had to knock my head on the table. You told me to do this way, yet you do it the other way.