Mom diary : Time out with my mom.

I recently had the chance to unwind with my parents and sons. I feel so free, like when I was younger and in between studies and work. Nothing to think about and lunch is served everyday :D. My husband spent his weekend with his mom and brother who had not beem home because of class projects while I was away. He gave me time and space to be here, so I let him be wherever he wants to be.

This is a nice way for me to unwind before starting work. I wanted to spend a month here but since I have to catch up wih my driving exam I have to cut this break from a month to a fortnight.

I wanted to learn how to sew baju kurung since I have bought my sewing machine. But so far I haven't done much. Since I rarely comw home to JB, most of my time here in the first week were full of catching up on the latest news and taking care of the kids. Even the first step which is cutting the cloth is delayed by 2 nights so far. Come midnight my eyes were too heavy to do any chores requiring active thinking. Lol. So little time but so many things to do... :D

When I spent time with my parents in law during my confinement it was ok but nobody babies me like my mom.  The first week I was home, I ate a lot of my old favourites like Kentang Goreng Berlada, Tauhu Kering and soon, Asam Pedas Pari and Ikan Masin. Lunch served is a luxury for a mom and working girl like me. Little things like this make this 2 weeks getaway feel like a luxury.

I haven't gone sight seeing my hometown yet, that's normal with a newborn. But I need to get out soon because I need to buy and sew my KL home's room curtain here because I left my machine at my MIL's. Being cooped up in the house for weeks so far is a bit boring although very beneficial for newborns. Before I go out I will need to get a ringsling or something for my newborn so we can all go out more comfortably.

If I work for a private company I have another week before going back to work. But I went for the 3 months maternity leave so I have a month to go. Right after this, I will need to get my license, find a nanny for both my sons and then start balancing life as a FTWM of two. But before that I have a house to tidy and life to restart. I will need to throw away a lot of stuff to make way for my new life. A more practical one I hope. Good luck to me.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, give away or keep. So many things to do.