If tomorrow is my last day on earth

If tomorrow is my last day on earth, I will wake up really early so I could come home really early. Then I would cuddle my sons and cook them dinner. When my husband comes home, I will kiss him and tell him that I love him and thank him for marrying me and provide for the kids.

After the kids went to bed I will jot down my day in a few simple sentences in a diary. When the kids sleep, I will go to my craft section and say bye bye to them. Then I will lie down and die.

Wait... why would I wait until my last day to be sweet and loving. Why don't I just do it everyday. This is a wonderful thing that I am thinking now. I should always remind myself that everyday should be like my last day on earth. It is just an ordinary day but it would be really special if it resonates deep within everyday of my daily days.

Well, got to go home now and kiss my sons. Nanowrimo will resume later. Lols.