Worked, took a few days off, worked and a few more days off.

It is the end of the year again and with SPM and school holiday just around the corner, the beginning of the year end is coming.  

This is the beginning to an end, a beginning to an end, a beginning to an end.

A few years back I saw a line like this from a t shirt I think. It has stuck with me since. A beginning to an end, a beginning of 2014's end. It is a mixed feeling of ending a year and meeting a new one. Happy that something has ended and another one is coming, a new year, new resolutions, new things to look forward to, past things to ponder about. A year's end offers a closure, like an ending to a moment in life, a practical way to not let life feels overwhelming, compartmentalize it in a 365 days period. For example, I am planning to be buried in sewing towards middle of 2015 since I only sew a bit in 2014. I am also aiming to upgrade a few beloved items, like my camera, a house (rent or buy) and maybe a few new skills.

The ending of year hits me hard at times, since I am a January baby so the thought of 2015 means an upcoming birthday and having to accept that I am turning a year older. Although age is just a number, it stills jitter me sometimes. For now I am just going to chill and freak out when I meet the big 40. Exterior chill - interior panicking about getting old, the usual grouses, power spec naik, berat bertambah, some body parts going south and such.

Anyway moving to another topic. I took a few days off recently, since my spouse had to finish his off days before 2015 approaches. So I took some days off to join him in an excursion to his hometown. Since we had enough of Temerloh, I asked him to take me to Kuala Lipis. As we don't really know which road to use, we end up following the road signs from Jerantut to Lipis. Our Internet was out so we were basically clueless. 

The ride was long at 3 hours, which could be shortened if we knew which road to use. The roads were snakey and at some point we were the only car there, so we realized we used an unpopular road, or was it because it was a week day so not many people are travelling around. We took off at around 2 pm and arrived at 5pm. When we arrived in Kuala Lipis, the feeling was priceless. But looking back, if I knew it was going to take that long, maybe I wouldn't push for the trip. Lucky I was clueless.

Some shophouses in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.  I have begun to love old buildings. They are unique and feels homely compared to modern buildings of my time, referring to 80s building.

The District Council building which was situated on a hill. 5 more years and it will be a 100 
years old building. Very antique. It was the resident of colonial people who came to Malaysia to administer the town.

Me with the KM 0. Some people said that Lipis is the middle of Peninsular Malaysia, well actually Temerloh is the center. According to this link, "The "0" milestone near the post office in Kuala Lipis is actually a distance marker used by the old, pre-independence British administration for sending letters and telegrams to other districts and locations in Malaya."

It was raining lightly that day, so everyone was in the car while I was running here and there taking pictures. Once in awhile taking pictures of me without the kids seems strange. My camera made it looked like it was a shining bright day.

Nice buildings, nice place, it was worth it although the overall visit lasted an hour only. I can scratch that thing about going to a place where you have never been to, at least once a year. And bye bye.