After the bloggers gaythering I went straight to CM just for Arts For Grabs.

And surprise surprise I met the fabulous Kak Emila Yusof.

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.
Happy that we bought 4 cards from her.

There were an abundance of local artsy products.

This is kak emila's booth.

That's me on the left upon seeing her. So excited maaa!

But this girl is not Malaysian as she didn't understand Malay.

Her arts were very good.

There were some awesome handmade cards.

The cards are a bit costly as the cost of making it is high. Art papers are pricey you know.

This is from

The people there are super nice too unlike some sales person in a branded shop.

Howeber someone burst my bubble there. I was browsing through some books when two guys said something and laughed beside me. When I looked at them they were definitely looked at me and may be referring to me. But when I asked them about it they just said "Let it be". I hate super idiot guys who think we are ignorant of them. I heard them saying something like I was a younger version of this person.

Unfortunately you can't see this picture as they are hidden.


Raziff Lokman said...

...ignore negative things said about ourself..our goal = be happy always!

...nice shots!

Along said...

Salam hormat.
Posting bergambar yang amat menarik.
Terima kasih.