Some days it doesn't feel good growing older.

Today I am 28 years and 2 months old. I am thankful that I have all the love that I need around me which lets me grow. They are the loves who reached into my heart and made we want to live and breathe, going to work, shop and do artsy stuff and endure all the stress that come in between happiness on my life on earth. They who shall not be named here are my sayangs, my honeys, my babies, my dearies, my past, my future, my present and all of them touched me and shall not be fogotten forever. To you my dearest dearies dears, I looooooooooooooooooove you so much!

But growing old also has some of its down moments. Last night was my down time. I am so bored with me, especially the physical me as if I were to face the fashion police I would die with rains of bullets adorning my horrible clothed body. I am a fashion wreck at times. Today I wore baggy pants with red shirt and scarf - which I pinned under my chin to cover my hair and tie the rest like a necktie. After lunch and as I was freshing in front of the huge restroom mirror at the office I almost fainted dramatically. I looked so dowdy and blah! But seeing that I am not so much a drama queen I just pushed away that thought and carried on with the rest of the day until the next wreck come.

Well, guys and girls. Starting today the 17th of March I aim to:-

1) Dress sensibly and smartly.
2) Be smart with money.
3) Be the best of me.

That's all. The bedroom needs a spring cleaning day too.


ida said...

berbuih air liur aku kluarkan menegur ko punya fesyen sense...baru skrng nk sedar..ayark

Catherine said...