I just watched nine and the movie is ok but a bit slow... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

One good thing is the movie acts out an introduction and then it transits to the songs. The musical parts are all dramatization of what the characters feel like the kekasih gelap Carla's (Penelope Cruz) sexy phone call , film director's Guido's (the protagonist) lost in his thought, Lucia's (Guido's wife) feelings as a merana wife. Aiyooh what is the word for merana? Oh yeah, long suffering wife.

Best to be watch in a very comfy seated cinema like Signature GSC as the slow pace can tire your body.


DrSam said...

probably not advisable to watch after a hefty lunch...

yoon see said...

At last you meet Kak Emila:)
I suppose to be there with Kak Emila but i don't have much product to show yet, may be the next time when I am more ready!

Thanks for sharing!