esok hari terbuka rtm untuk semua orang. kalau free datanglah ye.

Me, my boss and my other co workers will be promoting the website along with RTM's role as the FIFA Licenced Broadcasting (live).

We also have live streaming on the web. So visitla

Last time they had auditions on a green screen. Last night doing recce they said that they were going to do virtual karaoke on saturday and sunday. So the participants will sing on a green screen and appear on a computer generated graphic much like this.

Yours truly will surely be there.
But I won't be karaokeing though.

I will be there the whole day. See u there!


fauzuskamaruddin said...

hi sis,
guess what my mom in law oreng rtm..pembaca berita radio..ngeeee

Eliz said...

deymmm ader audition! I should have gone there!

mizzyN said...

fauzus, siapa ya?
eliza, bukan audisyen beb. sesaje bagi org rasa baca berita sukan.