A working mother

A working mother is a multi tasker. She wakes early, feeds her children, hands them to carers and off to work. After 9 hours (if you are a gomen servant) she returns home and wade through traffic to get back to her children. If she is late she will have to pay over time fees to the day care center.

Now are the days where it's a norm to be a working mother. A dual income home can afford to own a lot of things that makes life more comfortable like a second car, mortgage and vacations every now and then. I was brought up to believe that a woman can do whatever she wants to do with her own life as long as her loved ones are okay with it. But what do you do when work demands more of your time and commitment.

It looked like a tough thing to be a working mother especially when one needs to work overtime for special projects or sent to courses out of the state. One person I know avoided such things because she said no one will be there to manage her children. One friend in facebook who got sent to an important course hoped that she wouldn't have to go as her daughter still breastfeeds. To me that is a legitimate reason to skip the course as she can always attend them at a later time.

A senior at work said that some people just had to leave their children behind most of times because as a working woman she has made a commitment to the organisation she serves. In fact the bigger a woman's role in the work place the more she spends time at work and less with her children.

A co worker who has 6 children told me that nobody asked her how her children are doing when she is busy shooting on certain weekends. She said never use children as a hurdle to work. If you want to work some sacrifices are needed. And I say, or else find another job which does not require extra hours from you. Some times the singletons are there to bear the responsibility but most times you need to shoulder the work too.

ps : Recently on a friday i had a late lunch at 4pm and a coworker commented.
Why are you eating so late?
i said I only felt hungry now.
Don't do the same thing when you are married. Your husband will be very angry when you serve lunch so late like this.
I was like This is me feeding myself in the office, when I get married I wouldn't be so stupid as to let my husband go hungry and eat according to my own sweet schedule.


azieazah said...

Bekerjaya bukan halangan untuk menjadi pengendali rumahtangga yang baik...

Yang penting komitmen...

*Lunch lewat takper, jangan langsung tak lunch. Rugi.. hehehehe