I read a very interesting question in a Cleo’s Question & Answer section –

“My boyfriend has become a Gleek. He always listens to songs of the show, talks about the show and if he has the chance, he’d be singing Britney on a stage in a heartbeat. I thought boys were supposed to like hardcore rock, tough talking hip hop and so on. Am I wrong to judge him for his tastes and views this as un-masculine?”

My answer is Girl, man comes in all types and characters like fonts – some are readable while some are not. Hey I invented that comparison just now. Well, the first time I realized that adult men do like soft toys, was back in 2000. That year I entered university and while I was in line during my brass band activity I saw a guy with a small yellow soft toy protruding from his jeans pocket. I can see it 100 metres away. That year a fast food brand introduced small soft toys as collectible items, and I think at that time it was a rage to attach your key chains and zips to these squeezable thingies. Girls are naturally attracted to cutesy items, but when men carry them around it looks odd. I think my father would cringe at such things.

These days guys are in touch with their feminine side. They wear face powder and use products specially made for men. Show me a guy who can catch and ‘sembelih’ his own chicken anytime. I doubt that would be hard to find these days.


Au and Target said...

I saw that too and thought, oh for god's sake grow up girl and accept that stereotypes are,.... stereotypes? Pfff...