Thankful for movies

Thankful for movies. I am thankful that -

1. Most movies are permitted to be shown in Malaysia.
2. I have the time and money to watch new movies in the cinema.
3. Ely introduced me to movie watching in cinema when I was 21 (we watched Dark Water).
4. My dear bf joined me in watching some idiotic movies which dumbed me down but varied my movie scope (e.g:Skinwalkers)
5. NY promoted to me movies which I won't probably watch maybe two years later like Slumdog Millionare, Rabne Bana De Jodi, Benjamin Button and Vantage Point.
6. I once learned about Broadcast Critic and so had to watch movies for reference and subsequently made me watch movie quite religiously.
7. There will be a Harry Potter movie this year after last year's postponement.
8. People at the cinema ticket counter still mistook me as below 18 years old which made me feel young and awesome, although it might merely be a routine question for people who want to buy 18+ movie ticket.